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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mind Entangled: Part One - Discovery - Courtney Conant

Courtney Conant has given me the honor of letting her book be the first review I put up on here.

With that said, I present to you a review for “The Mind Entangled”, a short story. Which is a huge thing to keep in mind when reading this, because it was definitely short. There's a lot going on, and a lot left unresolved. I don't think short story is the word I would use to describe it accurately though. I would call it Part One of some kind of novella. The story is about Adrianna, a young former dancer turned housewife and what happens when she finds out some shocking truths about her husband. I can't elaborate too much more on the plot though because it would be a lot of spoilers.

Real quick, let me remind you about how the scoring system works. Every time there's a moment where things were weird, confusing, or otherwise not working, a point is given. For everyone moment there's something good going on, there's a point taken away. The lower the score, the better. Eventually I'm going to figure out average percentages.

Score: 12

I gave it a twelve because while the story is interesting, I think the writing could use some tightening. Conant has a unique style. She's got a way with words and making them flow in a poetic sort of way, I'll give her that. I think it could really shine if she did the tightening thing.

Now, as for the story. I'm intrigued. A lot of ideas were brought up, but few were resolved. I'm guessing this has something to do with it being a two parter. What I wish for is more. I'd love to see more of the back story between Adrianna and her husband for example, or other things happening with the spoilery moments that I can't talk about. I'm guessing this will come in part two though. Right? RIGHT COURTNEY? Please, please, please say yes!

Over all, I think this is a great start to something interesting and unique. I'd check it out. Hook me up with Part Two A.S.A.P. And thanks for the read!

- Sack Boy, peace and marshmallows.

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